Willi A. Kalender

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3 Marc Kachelriess, Stefan Ulzheimer, Willi A. Kalender: ECG-Correlated Imaging of the Heart with Subsecond Multi-Slice Spiral CT. IEEE Trans. Med. Imaging 19(9): 888-901 (2000)
2 Thomas Fuchs, Marc Kachelriess, Willi A. Kalender: Direct comparison of a Xenon and a solid state CT detector system: Measurements under working conditions. IEEE Trans. Med. Imaging 19(9): 941-948 (2000)
1EEKerstin Wolsiffer, Ralf Petzold, Willi A. Kalender: Computerbasierte Planung für die roboterunterstützte zementlose Implantation von Hüftendoprothesen. Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 1998

Coauthor Index

1Stephan Achenbach [14]
2Carl Crawford [6]
3Klaus Engelke [9]
4Dirk Ertel [14]
5Thomas Flohr [4] [5]
6Theobald O. J. Fuchs [4] [5] [8]
7Thomas Fuchs [2]
8B. Glasmacher [15]
9Marc Kachelriess [2] [3] [8] [14]
10Yan Kang [9]
11Klaus Klingenbeck [5]
12Jens Krause [4] [5]
13Martin Krings [15]
14Robert M. Lapp [14]
15Andreas H. Mahnken [15]
16Sebastian Meller [10] [12]
17Markus Nagel [11] [13] [14]
18Emeka Nkenke [12]
19J. Patommel [15]
20Ralf Petzold [1] [13]
21Tobias Pflederer [14]
22Stefan Schaller [4] [5]
23Gerd Schmidt [11] [13]
24Gero Schnütgen [11]
25C. Schroer [15]
26Stefan Ulzheimer [3]
27Ge Wang [6]
28Kerstin Wolsiffer [1] [7]

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