Pranava K. Jha

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11EEPranava K. Jha, Sandi Klavzar, Aleksander Vesel: L(2, 1)-labeling of direct product of paths and cycles. Discrete Applied Mathematics 145(2): 317-325 (2005)
10EEPranava K. Jha, Sandi Klavzar, Aleksander Vesel: Optimal L(d, 1)-labelings of certain direct products of cycles and Cartesian products of cycles. Discrete Applied Mathematics 152(1-3): 257-265 (2005)
9EEPranava K. Jha: A Counterexample to Tang and Padubidri's Claim about the Bisection Width of a Diagonal Mesh. IEEE Trans. Computers 52(5): 676-677 (2003)
8EEPranava K. Jha: Perfect r-domination in the Kronecker product of two cycles, with an application to diagonal/toroidal mesh. Inf. Process. Lett. 87(3): 163-168 (2003)
7 Pranava K. Jha: Smallest independent dominating sets in Kronecker products of cycles. Discrete Applied Mathematics 113(2-3): 303-306 (2001)
6 Pranava K. Jha, Ashok Narayanan, Puneet Sood, Karthik Sundaram, Vivek Sunder: On L(2, 1)-labeling of the Cartesian product of a cycle and a path. Ars Comb. 55: (2000)
5 Pranava K. Jha: Further Results on Independence in Direct-Product Graphs. Ars Comb. 56: (2000)
4 Pranava K. Jha, Sandi Klavzar: Independence in Direct-Product Graphs. Ars Comb. 50: (1998)
3EEPranava K. Jha: Kronecker products of paths and cycles: Decomposition, factorization and bi-pancyclicity. Discrete Mathematics 182(1-3): 153-167 (1998)
2EEPranava K. Jha, Naveen Agnihotri, Rajesh Kumar: Long Cycles and Long Paths in the Kronecker Product of a Cycle, a Tree. Discrete Applied Mathematics 74(2): 101-121 (1997)
1EEPranava K. Jha, Giora Slutzki: A Scheme to Construct Distance Three Codes Using Latin Squares, with Applications to the n-Cube. Inf. Process. Lett. 55(3): 123-127 (1995)

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1Naveen Agnihotri [2]
2Sandi Klavzar [4] [10] [11]
3Rajesh Kumar [2]
4Ashok Narayanan [6]
5Giora Slutzki [1]
6Puneet Sood [6]
7Karthik Sundaram [6]
8Vivek Sunder [6]
9Aleksander Vesel [10] [11]

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