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16EEAndreas V. M. Herz, Ralph Meier, Martin P. Nawrot, Willi Schiegel, Tiziano Zito: G-Node: An integrated tool-sharing platform to support cellular and systems neurophysiology in the age of global neuroinformatics. Neural Networks 21(8): 1070-1075 (2008)
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1EEAndreas V. M. Herz, Zhaoping Li, J. Leo van Hemmen: Statistical Mechanics of Temporal Association in Neural Networks. NIPS 1990: 176-182

Coauthor Index

1Jan Benda [6] [11]
2Matthias Bethge [6]
3Daniel Cremers [7]
4Fredrik Edin [13]
5R. Förster [10]
6R. Fdez Galán [14]
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12Matthias Hennig [6]
13Reimer Kühn [2]
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16Christian K. Machens [5] [8] [13]
17Charles M. Marcus [3]
18Ralph Meier [16]
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25Silke Sachse [12]
26Willi Schiegel [16]
27Susanne Schreiber [8]
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30B. Sulzer [2]
31Paul Szyszka [4] [14]
32M. Vaas [2]
33Marcel Weidert [15]
34Tiziano Zito [16]

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