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1 Mohammad Ghodsi, Krishna Kant: Performance Analysis of Parallel Search Algorithms on Multiprocessors. Performance 1990: 407-421

Coauthor Index

1Mohammad Ali Abam [16]
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3Saeed Alaei [11]
4Mojtaba Nouri Bygi [31]
5Shervin Daneshpajouh [29]
6Erik D. Demaine [20]
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10Oktie Hassanzadeh [12]
11Zeinab Iranmanesh [23]
12Ghassem Jaberipur [14]
13Sina Jafarpour [21]
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15Shahab Kamali [12]
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29Hamid Nazerzadeh [10]
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45Alireza Zarei [9] [24] [25] [28]

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