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33EEAixin Sun, Anwitaman Datta: On Stability, Clarity, and Co-occurrence of Self-Tagging. WSDM (Late Breaking-Results) 2009
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1EEKarl Aberer, Anwitaman Datta, Zoran Despotovic: Separating Business Process from User Interaction Utilizing Process-Aware XSLT Style-Sheets. WECWIS 2002: 69-78

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2Hock Hee Ang [32]
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4Philippe Cudré-Mauroux [2] [8]
5Hoang-Vu Dang [30]
6Zoran Despotovic [1] [2] [3]
7Prasenjit Dey [4]
8Michael J. Franklin (Mike Franklin) [26]
9Sarunas Girdzijauskas [10] [18] [23] [25]
10Vivekanand Gopalkrishnan [32]
11Martin Hasler [19]
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16Minh-Tam Le [30]
17Ee-Peng Lim [30] [31]
18 Maureen [31]
19Wolfgang Nejdl [22]
20Kam-Wing Ng [28]
21Wee Keong Ng [32]
22Magdalena Punceva [2]
23Silvia Quarteroni [11]
24Roman Schmidt [2] [13] [14] [17] [27]
25Ion Stoica [26]
26Aixin Sun [31] [33]
27Ye Tian [28]
28Andreas Wombacher [3]
29Di Wu [28]
30Liu Xin [29]

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