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Coauthor Index

1Carlos Acosta [19]
2Roberto Araiza [12]
3Jan Beck [12]
4Barnabás Bede [17]
5Daniel Berleant [16]
6Yoonsik Cheon [20]
7Antonio Cortes [20]
8Richard Coy [11]
9Lev Ginzburg [6]
10Laurent Granvilliers [1] [2] [3] [4]
11Janos G. Hajagos [12]
12Hiroshi Hosobe [10]
13Raj Kandathi [12]
14Vladik Kreinovich [5] [6] [8] [9] [12] [14] [15] [16] [17] [22]
15Gary T. Leavens [20]
16Luc Longpré [12]
17François Modave [7] [22]
18Asis Nayak [12]
19Michael Orshansky [13]
20Linet Özdamar [18]
21Chandra Sekhar Pedamallu [18]
22Andrzej Pownuk [17]
23Michel Rueher [8] [9] [14]
24Ken Satoh [10]
25Christian Servin [19] [21]
26Scott A. Starks [12]
27Roberto Torres [12]
28Wei-Shen Wang [13]
29Gang Xiang [12] [13] [15] [16]

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