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1Johan van Benthem [9] [17]
2Guram Bezhanishvili [9]
3Nick Bezhanishvili [11]
4Patrick Blackburn [10]
5Laura Chiticariu [21]
6Willem Conradie [13]
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9Phokion G. Kolaitis [21] [23]
10Tadeusz Litak [15]
11Carsten Lutz [16]
12Maarten Marx [6] [13] [14] [18]
13Darko Sarenac [9]
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15Chung-chieh Shan [2] [3] [4]
16Wang Chiew Tan [21]
17Jouko A. Väänänen [17]
18Yde Venema [13]
19Jorge Petrúcio Viana [6]
20Henk Zeevat [19]

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