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1 Craig J. Benham, Sampath Kannan, Michael Paterson, Tandy Warnow: Hen's Teeth and Whale's Feet: Generalized Characters and Their Compatibility. Journal of Computational Biology 2(4): 515-525 (1995)

Coauthor Index

1Prashanth Ak [17]
2Chengpeng Bi [11] [12]
3Jürgen Bode [9] [10]
4Anne D. Donaldson [17]
5Martin Farach-Colton (Martin Farach) [5]
6Matthias Frisch [9]
7Richard M. Fye [6]
8S. Goetze [9] [10]
9Shin-ichiro Hiraga [17]
10Gabriela Hristescu [5]
11Miroslava Kaloper [15]
12Sampath Kannan [1] [2]
13A. Knopp [9] [10]
14Stephen A. Krawetz [9] [10]
15Conrad A. Nieduszynski [17]
16Michael Paterson [1]
17Huiquan Wang [13] [14] [15] [16]
18Tandy Warnow [1] [2]

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