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17EEGildas Avoine, Kassem Kalach, Jean-Jacques Quisquater: ePassport: Securing International Contacts with Contactless Chips. Financial Cryptography 2008: 141-155
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12EEGildas Avoine, Serge Vaudenay: How to safely close a discussion. Inf. Process. Lett. 102(4): 138-142 (2007)
11EEClaude Castelluccia, Gildas Avoine: Noisy Tags: A Pretty Good Key Exchange Protocol for RFID Tags. CARDIS 2006: 289-299
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1EEGildas Avoine, Serge Vaudenay: Optimal Fair Exchange with Guardian Angels. WISA 2003: 188-202

Coauthor Index

1Levente Buttyán [13]
2Claude Castelluccia [11]
3Etienne Dysli [5]
4Felix C. Freiling (Felix C. Gärtner) [10]
5Rachid Guerraoui [10]
6Tamás Holczer [13]
7Pascal Junod [7] [15]
8Kassem Kalach [17]
9Chong Hee Kim [16]
10François Koeune [16]
11Jean Monnerat [2]
12Philippe Oechslin [5] [6] [7] [8] [15]
13Olivier Pereira [16]
14Thomas Peyrin [2]
15Jean-Jacques Quisquater [17]
16François-Xavier Standaert [16]
17Aslan Tchamkerten [14]
18István Vajda [13]
19Serge Vaudenay [1] [4] [12]
20Marko Vukolic [10]

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