Multimedia Information Management in an Object-Oriented Database System.

Darrell Woelk, Won Kim: Multimedia Information Management in an Object-Oriented Database System. VLDB 1987: 319-329
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This paper describes the implementation of the Multimedia Information Manager (MIM) in the ORION object-oriented database system which is operational at MCC. We describe design objectives and implementation techniques that have satisfied the design objectives. Our design objectives include extensibility, flexibility and efficiency in supporting the capture, storage, and presentation of many types of multimedia information.

We have achieved extensibility by providing an object-oriented framework for multimedia information management. The framework consists of definitions of class hierarchies and a message passing protocol for not only the multimedia capture, storage, and presentation devices, but also the captured and stored multimedia objects. Both the class hierarchies and the protocol may be easily extended and/or modified by system developers and end users as they see fit. We have satisfied flexibility by supporting a variety of ways in which the end users may control the capture and presentation of multimedia information. Our implementation has achieved storage efficiency by using a technique for sharing storage blocks among multiple versions of a multimedia object, while achieving data transfer performance by directly interfacing the MIM to certain low level components of the ORION storage subsystem.

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Peter M. Stocker, William Kent, Peter Hammersley (Eds.): VLDB'87, Proceedings of 13th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, September 1-4, 1987, Brighton, England. Morgan Kaufmann 1987, ISBN 0-934613-46-X
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