An Object-Oriented Environment for OIS Applications.

Oscar Nierstrasz, Dennis Tsichritzis: An Object-Oriented Environment for OIS Applications. VLDB 1985: 335-345
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Object-oriented programming environments are increasingly needed for programming 0Is applications. A prototype object-oriented language has been implemented, and we are refining the language and its imple- mentation. The environment integrates a number of database and operating system concepts, in partic- ular, abstract data types, database constraints, atomic transactions, data persistency, triggering of events, reli- ability and crash recovery, and a large virtual memory. We outline the object model, discuss a number of imple- mentation issues, and give some examples of objects useful in an 0Is application environment.

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Alain Pirotte, Yannis Vassiliou (Eds.): VLDB'85, Proceedings of 11th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, August 21-23, 1985, Stockholm, Sweden. Morgan Kaufmann 1985
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