An Interactive Query Language for External Data Bases.

Frederick H. Lochovsky, Dennis Tsichritzis: An Interactive Query Language for External Data Bases. VLDB 1982: 11-21
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The amount of information that is available in computerized form is growing steadily. Two developments in recent years - the growth of communication networks and the advent of videotex systems - provide the potential for allowing the public convenient access to this information. In this paper we explore the nature of the mechanism by which people in their homes using a videotex information service might access data bases external to the videotex system itself. We first consider briefly the process of accessing a data base (querying) in terms of the user interaction characteristics of the process. We divide the querying process into three parts: request, reply and dynamics. For all three parts, certain characteristics are identified that describe the parameters of the user interaction. We then propose some requirements that a query language for external data bases should have. With these requirements in mind we detail a design for such a query language.

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Eigth International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, September 8-10, 1982, Mexico City, Mexico, Proceedings. Morgan Kaufmann 1982, ISBN 0-934613-14-1
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