A Semantic Model for Data Base Protection Languages.

H. Rex Hartson, David K. Hsiao: A Semantic Model for Data Base Protection Languages. VLDB 1976: 27-42
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The authorization process in a protection system is the process which translates and stores specifications of all protection requirements. In giving recognition to the authorization process, this work develops a model of access control to provide a semantic base for constructs of protection languages at many levels of sophistication, accommodating a wide range of protection policies. The concepts of "authorizer" and "ownership" are used for validation of authorizations in the model. The basic sets of the model are presented. Subsets of states are defined by restrictions on resource values, described by Boolean expressions known as conditions. The most important use of conditions is as access conditions, which allow each access decision to depend on information related to the user,to resources, to data content, to access history, and to the general state of the system. A GENERAL class of users is defined to establish an overall minimum level of access rights without an explicit representation for each and every user. The enforcement process is described and illustrated by an example.

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Peter C. Lockemann, Erich J. Neuhold (Eds.): Systems for Large Data Bases, September 8-10, 1976, Brussels, Belgium. North Holland & IFIP 1976, ISBN 0-7204-0546-7
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