Query Optimization in a Heterogeneous DBMS.

Weimin Du, Ravi Krishnamurthy, Ming-Chien Shan: Query Optimization in a Heterogeneous DBMS. VLDB 1992: 277-291
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We propose a query optimization strategy for heterogeneous DBMSs that extends the traditional optimizer strategy widely used in commercial DBMSs to allow execution of queries over both known (i.e., proprietary) DBMSs and foreign vendor DBMSs that conform to some standard such as providing the usual relational database statistics. We assume that participating DBMSs are autonomous and may not be able, even if willing, to provide the cost model parameters. The novelty of the strategy is to deduce the necessary information by calibrating a given DBMS. As the calibration has to be done as a user, not as a system administrator, it poses unpredictability problems such as inferring the access methods used by the DBMS, idiosyncrasies of the storage subsystem and coincidental clustering of data. In this paper we propose a calibrating database which is synthetically created so as to make the process of deducing the cost model coefficients reasonably devoid of the unpredictability problems. Using this procedure, we calibrate three commercial DBMSs, namely Allbase, DB2,and Informix, and observe that in 80% of the cases the estimate is quite accurate.

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Li-Yan Yuan (Ed.): 18th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, August 23-27, 1992, Vancouver, Canada, Proceedings. Morgan Kaufmann 1992, ISBN 1-55860-151-1
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