Distributed Concurrency Control in Database Systems.

Rudolf Bayer, Klaus Elhardt, Hans Heller, Angelika Reiser: Distributed Concurrency Control in Database Systems. VLDB 1980: 275-284
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A synchronization method for distributed DBS is presented which guarantees synchronization of transactions according to the principle of serializability. No exclusive locks are used. Read requests can always be granted without being delayed or blocked by updates of other transactions; delays at most arise from communication between different nodes of the distributed system. Read only transactions are never backed up. The described method is applicable to distributed DBS without copies as well as to DBS with any number of copies of arbitrary objects. The necessary modifications for dealing with the problem of copies turn out to be very simple.

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Sixth International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, October 1-3, 1980, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Proceedings. IEEE Computer Society 1980
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