HYDRO: A Heterogeneous Distributed Database System.

William Perrizo, Joseph Rajkumar, Prabhu Ram: HYDRO: A Heterogeneous Distributed Database System. SIGMOD Conference 1991: 32-39
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In this paper we show how global serializability and atomic commit can be attained in a Heterogeneous Distributed Database Management System in which each local DBMS is assumed to be an off-the-shelf, binary-licensed commercial product providing the IBM SAA Common Programming Interface ([SAA88]). Our HYDRO system achieves global serializability using a set of objects based on the Request Order Linked List or ROLL object developed in [PER89] and [PER91]. ROLL is based on the general Serialization Graph Test methodology ([BER87]), and provides freedom from idle-wait, deadlock, livelock and restart. Atomic commitment is based on Two-Phase Commit. Two options are offered to achieve the PREPARED state locally. HYDRO-I achieves the PREPARED state by protecting writes during the uncertainty period. HYDRO-II pro-vides more concurrency, but raises the commitment overhead in the absence of a visible PREPARED state offered by the local DBMS.

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