Independent and Separable Database Schemes.

Edward P. F. Chan, Alberto O. Mendelzon: Independent and Separable Database Schemes. PODS 1983: 288-296
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We propose and investigate the notion of separability to capture the design goal of independently updatable decompositions. As evidence in favor of separability as a natural concept of independence, we show that it is equivalent to a specialization of the abstract independent mappings defined by Bancilhon and Spyratos. We then characterize separable schemes in the important case when the only constraints given are a set of functional dependencies and the join dependency for the database scheme. This characterization is also applicable to dependency preserving database schemes when a set of functional dependencies is given as constraint. Our characterization yields a polynomial-time algorithm for testing separability in these cases.

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Proceedings of the Second ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD Symposium on Principles of Database Systems, March 21-23, 1983, Colony Square Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia. ACM 1983, ISBN 0-89791-097-4
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