Logical Design and Schema Conversion for Relational and DBTG Databases.

Eugene Wong, Randy H. Katz: Logical Design and Schema Conversion for Relational and DBTG Databases. ER 1979: 311-322
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The objective of this paper is three-fold: first, a variant of the Entity-Relationship model is proposed as the data model for logical design. In terms of the constructs of the model "update anomalies" are precisely defined. Second, with the prevention of "update anomalies" as the goal for logical design, mapping rules will be proposed for transforming a design schema into a corresponding schema of either relational or DBTG type. Third, it is shown that with relatively minor semantic augmentation of DBTG and relational data models, the mapping is reversible. As a consequence, reversible schema conversion between DBTG and relational models becomes possible.

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