Integrating the Rewriting and Ranking Phases of View Synchronization.

Andreas Koeller, Elke A. Rundensteiner, Nabil I. Hachem: Integrating the Rewriting and Ranking Phases of View Synchronization. DOLAP 1998: 60-65
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Materialized views (data warehouses) are becoming increasingly important in the context of distributed modern environments such as the World Wide Web. Information sources (ISs) in such an environment may change their capabilities (schema), causing a data warehouse to become undefined. This process to evolve (rewrite) view queries after capability changes of ISs is referred to as view synchronization. Current view synchronization algorithms generate a potentially large number of valid solutions for the rewriting of a view query and according to our analysis in this paper have high complexity (in O(n!)). We propose to reduce this complexity by representing the synchronization problem as a graph traversal problem. Once this mapping has been applied, the problem can be reduced to a single-source shortest-path problem in graphs, which can be solved with O(n3) complexity using the Bellman-Ford algorithm.

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