Parallel R-Tree Search Algorithm on DSVM.

Botao Wang, Hiroyuki Horinokuchi, Kunihiko Kaneko, Akifumi Makinouchi: Parallel R-Tree Search Algorithm on DSVM. DASFAA 1999: 237-245
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Though parallel database systems have been extensively studied, as far as we know, the parallel algorithms of R-tree propsed so far are limited to one workstation with multiprocessors or multi disks, where parallel sorting algorithm or concurrent I/O is used to improve the performance.

For the search of R-tree, multiple search paths from the root to leaves are traversed sequentially. This sequential traverse can be transformed into multiple parallel traverses based on multiple search paths, where the query is divided into subqueries which can be executed concurrently.

In the paper, aiming at parallel I/O and CPU operations, we introduce a parallel R-tree search algorithm running on Distributed Shared Virtual Memory (DSVM), especially on Shusseuo which is an ODBMS providing global persistent object management on persistent DSVM. The related problems are discussed and the evaluations are made based on Shusseuo. Experimental results show that optimal performance can be reached in dealing with large volume of data.

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