Order-Preserving Key Transformations.

Anil K. Garg, C. C. Gotlieb: Order-Preserving Key Transformations. ACM Trans. Database Syst. 11(2): 213-234(1986)
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File organizations based on conventional hash functions provide faster access to the stored records in comparison with tree-like file structures. Tree structures such as B+-trees and ISAM do provide for sequential processing, but require considerable storage for the indices. When sequential processing is needed a table that performs an order-preserving transformation on keys can be used. H is an order-preserving key transform if H(K1) >= H(K2), for all keys K1 > K2. We present methodologies for constructing such key transforms, and illustrate them for some real-life key sets. Storage requirements for the table needed to carry out the transformation are less than those needed for the indices.

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