The Relation of Agenda Creation and Use to Group Support System Experience.

Fred Niederman, Roger J. Volkema: The Relation of Agenda Creation and Use to Group Support System Experience. DATA BASE 30(3&4): 51-71(1999)
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The meeting agenda is often recommended as a critical element for conducting successful meetings. However, assertions about the value of meeting agendas are rarely explained or empirically tested. This study surveyed 238 group facilitators, including 113 who reported facilitating at least one meeting using group support systems (GSS), to examine their views on the use of agendas in meetings.

Analyses are based on overall responses by group facilitators and by responses of the subset of facilitators who have used GSS. In addition, correlation analyses between the amount of GSS experience and the responses of the full group of facilitators and the subset with GSS experience are reported. Frequency of agenda use and of evaluation of the "goodness of the agenda" both correlated with GSS experience. Pre-meeting sessions with the group sponsors correlated significantly with GSS experience as did the frequency of varying from the agenda. Finally, quality of meeting deliverables, satisfaction with outcomes, and satisfaction with process were viewed as most important benefits of using an agenda; but they did not correlate with GSS experience. Meeting efficiency as a benefit of agenda use was negatively correlated with GSS experience.The implications of these findings for GSS facilitation and for future research are discussed.

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