Andrew P. Tolmach

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16EEPeng Li, Simon Marlow, Simon L. Peyton Jones, Andrew P. Tolmach: Lightweight concurrency primitives for GHC. Haskell 2007: 107-118
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11 Thomas Nordin, Andrew P. Tolmach: Modular lazy search for Constraint Satisfaction Problems. J. Funct. Program. 11(5): 557-587 (2001)
10 Sergio Antoy, Andrew P. Tolmach: Typed Higher-Order Narrowing without Higher-Order Strategies. Fuji International Symposium on Functional and Logic Programming 1999: 335-353
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1EEAndrew P. Tolmach, Andrew W. Appel: Debugging Standard ML Without Reverse Engineering. LISP and Functional Programming 1990: 1-12

Coauthor Index

1Sergio Antoy [10] [12] [13] [14]
2Andrew W. Appel [1] [2] [5]
3Zine-El-Abidine Benaissa [9]
4Thomas Hallgren [15]
5Michael Hanus [13]
6Mark P. Jones [15]
7Simon L. Peyton Jones [8] [16]
8John Launchbury [8]
9Rebekah Leslie [15]
10Peng Li [16]
11Jimeng Liu [13]
12Simon Marlow [16]
13J. Gregory Morrisett (Greg Morrisett) [3]
14Marius Nita [14]
15Thomas Nordin [11]
16Dino Oliva [6]
17Mark Shields [8]
18Eelco Visser [9]

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