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1Ashok K. Agrawala [1]
2John Argentieri [33] [38]
3Randal E. Bryant [39]
4Hans Kleine Büning [10] [41]
5Dejan Desovski [24] [30] [31] [36] [43]
6Lisa Kovalchick [11] [28]
7Kim Guldstrand Larsen [16] [34]
8Kamesh Madduri [46] [48]
9A. Osman [17] [50]
10Jacob Illum Rasmussen [16] [34]
11Sanjit A. Seshia [39]
12C. Tauras [35]
13Kiran Yellajyosula [17] [19] [47] [50]
14Xishun Zhao [10] [41]

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