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12EEBoris B. Vladimirski, Joël Tabak, Michael J. O'Donovan, John Rinzel: Episodic activity in a heterogeneous excitatory network, from spiking neurons to mean field. Journal of Computational Neuroscience 25(1): 39-63 (2008)
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1EEJoël Tabak, Walter Senn, Michael J. O'Donovan, John Rinzel: Comparison of two models for pattern generation based on synaptic depression. Neurocomputing 26-27: 551-556 (1999)

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1Alla Borisyuk [4]
2Robert J. Butera [2]
3Christopher A. DelNegro [2]
4Ramana Dodla [6]
5Christopher P. Fall [8] [11]
6Sheree M. Johnson [2]
7Timothy J. Lewis [3] [5] [7] [8] [9]
8Michael J. O'Donovan [1] [10] [12]
9Abraham R. Schneider [9]
10Malcolm N. Semple [4]
11Walter Senn [1]
12Jeff C. Smith [2]
13Gytis Svirskis [6]
14Joël Tabak [1] [10] [12]
15Boris B. Vladimirski [12]

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