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Coauthor Index

1Klaus Aehlig [15]
2Boualem Benatallah [1] [4]
3Kanishka Bhaduri [10]
4Emma Brunton [18]
5Doreen Cheng [16] [17]
6Stephen Cook [7] [15]
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8Kamalika Das [10]
9Jason Dowling [18]
10Simon Gibbs [16] [17]
11Aleksandar Ignjatovic [3]
12Hillol Kargupta [10]
13Praveen Kumar [12]
14Anugeetha Kunjithapatham [12] [16] [17]
15Kun Liu [10]
16Anthony J. Maeder [18]
17Mehregan Mahdavi [4]
18Eric Martin [2]
19Bill McIver [4]
20Alan Messer [12] [16] [17]
21Anne H. H. Ngu (Anne Hee Hiong Ngu) [1]
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24Lionel Port [4]
25Priyang Rathod [16] [17]
26Arun Sharma [2]
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30Frank Stephan [2]
31Duc A. Tran [20]
32Kyoung Hoon Yi [12]
33Liangzhao Zeng [1]
34Sergiy Zlatkin [8]

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