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Coauthor Index

1Masoud Akhoondi [29]
2Fereidoon Shams Aliee [31]
3Farhad Arbab [34]
4Mahdi Asadpour [39]
5Ehsan Ataie [26]
6Mohammad Abdollahi Azgomi [4] [8] [11] [21] [24] [25]
7Frank S. de Boer [7] [13] [14] [19]
8Ebrahim Fazli [42]
9Wan Fokkink [40]
10Fatemeh Ghassemi [40]
11Nima Haghpanah [29]
12Mahmood Hasanlou [42]
13Hamed Iravanchi [5] [10]
14Mohammad Izadi [15] [22] [28] [34] [38] [41]
15Mohammad Mahdi Jaghoori [5] [10] [17] [23]
16Rasool Jalili [32]
17Saina Jalili [27]
18Mohammed I. Kalantari [18]
19Ali Kamandi [21]
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21Mehdi Kargar [29]
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23Hossein Mohammadi [42]
24Hamid Mousavi [32] [33]
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26Sara NavidPour [41]
27Afshin Parvaresh [18]
28Mohammad Ebrahim Rafiei [32] [33]
29Maryam Sadrmousavi [27]
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32Amin Shali [5] [7] [10] [13] [19]
33Mehran Sharafi [31]
34Mohammad Shirali-Shahreza [35]
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37Mohsen Taherian [32]
38Masood Niazi Torshiz [37]

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