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19EEAlexander May, Maike Ritzenhofen: Implicit Factoring: On Polynomial Time Factoring Given Only an Implicit Hint. Public Key Cryptography 2009: 1-14
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13EEEllen Jochemsz, Alexander May: A Strategy for Finding Roots of Multivariate Polynomials with New Applications in Attacking RSA Variants. ASIACRYPT 2006: 267-282
12EEDaniel Bleichenbacher, Alexander May: New Attacks on RSA with Small Secret CRT-Exponents. Public Key Cryptography 2006: 1-13
11EEJohannes Buchmann, Alexander May, Ulrich Vollmer: Perspectives for cryptographic long-term security. Commun. ACM 49(9): 50-55 (2006)
10EEJohannes Blömer, Alexander May: A Tool Kit for Finding Small Roots of Bivariate Polynomials over the Integers. EUROCRYPT 2005: 251-267
9EEMatthias Ernst, Ellen Jochemsz, Alexander May, Benne de Weger: Partial Key Exposure Attacks on RSA up to Full Size Exponents. EUROCRYPT 2005: 371-386
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5EEJohannes Blömer, Alexander May: New Partial Key Exposure Attacks on RSA. CRYPTO 2003: 27-43
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2EEJohannes Blömer, Alexander May: Low Secret Exponent RSA Revisited. CaLC 2001: 4-19
1EEJohannes Blömer, Alexander May: Key Revocation with Interval Cover Families. Selected Areas in Cryptography 2001: 325-341

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1Daniel Bleichenbacher [12]
2Johannes Blömer [1] [2] [5] [7] [10]
3Johannes Buchmann [11]
4Jean-Sébastien Coron [14]
5Matthias Ernst [9]
6Mathias Herrmann [15] [18]
7Ellen Jochemsz [9] [13] [16]
8Maike Ritzenhofen [17] [19]
9Joseph H. Silverman [3]
10Ulrich Vollmer [11]
11Benne de Weger [9]

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