Andreas Karageorghis

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1 Marcin Paprzycki, Andreas Karageorghis: High Performance Solution of Linear Systems Arising from Conforming Spectral Approximations for Non-Conforming Domain Decompositions. WNAA 1996: 373-379

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1Zakaria Belhachmi [13] [15]
2Bernard Bialecki [8] [14]
3Graeme Fairweather [3] [8] [9]
4Georgios Georgiou [7]
5Marcin Paprzycki [1]
6Andreas Poullikkas [7]
7Yiorgos Sokratis Smyrlis [4] [6] [9] [10] [11] [12] [16]
8K. Taous [13]
9Th. Tsangaris [11] [12]

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