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1EEJihai Zhao, Chen Huang: Technical Issues on the China-US Million Book Digital Library Project. ICADL 2004: 220-226

Coauthor Index

1Gady Agam [8]
2Baoming Bai [15]
3Haiying Chen [7]
4Siyuan Chen [8]
5Yushun Fan [5]
6Ophir Frieder [8]
7Anantharaman Ganesh [2]
8Benxiong Huang [11] [18]
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10Kamal Kuzhinjedathu [12]
11Zhengxin Lu [16]
12Yupin Luo [4]
13Jianhua Ma [18]
14Yijun Mo [18]
15Liuqing Pan [11]
16Danjun Pu [12]
17Yipeng Qu [15]
18Chunming Rong [16] [17]
19David Sheldon [13]
20Shravya Shetty [8]
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27Frank Vahid [13] [14]
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31Bin Zhang [3]
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33Jianhua Zhang [10]
34Yanyan Zhang [10]
35Jihai Zhao [1]
36Jing Zhao [17]

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