Benjamin Grégoire

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18EEGilles Barthe, Benjamin Grégoire, Santiago Zanella Béguelin: Formal certification of code-based cryptographic proofs. POPL 2009: 90-101
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12 Gilles Barthe, Benjamin Grégoire, Marieke Huisman, Jean-Louis Lanet: Construction and Analysis of Safe, Secure, and Interoperable Smart Devices, Second International Workshop, CASSIS 2005, Nice, France, March 8-11, 2005, Revised Selected Papers Springer 2006
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2EEYves Bertot, Benjamin Grégoire, Xavier Leroy: A Structured Approach to Proving Compiler Optimizations Based on Dataflow Analysis. TYPES 2004: 66-81
1EEBenjamin Grégoire, Xavier Leroy: A compiled implementation of strong reduction. ICFP 2002: 235-246

Coauthor Index

1Bruno Barras [5]
2Gilles Barthe [4] [6] [7] [8] [10] [12] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18]
3Santiago Zanella Béguelin [16] [18]
4Lennart Beringer [6]
5Yves Bertot [2]
6Lilian Burdy [10]
7Julien Charles [10]
8Pierre Crégut [6] [14]
9Sylvain Heraud [16]
10Martin Hofmann [6]
11Marieke Huisman [10] [12]
12Thomas P. Jensen [14]
13César Kunz [7]
14Jean-Louis Lanet [10] [12]
15Xavier Leroy [1] [2]
16Assia Mahboubi [3]
17Peter Müller [6]
18Fernando Pastawski [4] [8]
19Mariela Pavlova [10] [15]
20David Pichardie [14]
21Erik Poll [6]
22Germán Puebla (German Puebla) [6]
23Antoine Requet [10]
24Tamara Rezk [7]
25Colin Riba [17]
26Jorge Luis Sacchini [13]
27Ian Stark [6]
28Laurent Théry [9] [11]
29Eric Vétillard [6]
30Benjamin Werner [11]

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