Roberto Maria Avanzi

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16EERoberto Maria Avanzi: Another Look at Square Roots (and Other Less Common Operations) in Fields of Even Characteristic. Selected Areas in Cryptography 2007: 138-154
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11EERoberto Maria Avanzi, Francesco Sica: Scalar Multiplication on Koblitz Curves Using Double Bases. VIETCRYPT 2006: 131-146
10EERoberto Maria Avanzi, Clemens Heuberger, Helmut Prodinger: Scalar Multiplication on Koblitz Curves Using the Frobenius Endomorphism and Its Combination with Point Halving: Extensions and Mathematical Analysis. Algorithmica 46(3-4): 249-270 (2006)
9EEJohann Großschädl, Roberto Maria Avanzi, Erkay Savas, Stefan Tillich: Energy-Efficient Software Implementation of Long Integer Modular Arithmetic. CHES 2005: 75-90
8EERoberto Maria Avanzi, Clemens Heuberger, Helmut Prodinger: Minimality of the Hamming Weight of the T-NAF for Koblitz Curves and Improved Combination with Point Halving. Selected Areas in Cryptography 2005: 332-344
7EERoberto Maria Avanzi: The Complexity of Certain Multi-Exponentiation Techniques in Cryptography. J. Cryptology 18(4): 357-373 (2005)
6EERoberto Maria Avanzi: Aspects of Hyperelliptic Curves over Large Prime Fields in Software Implementations. CHES 2004: 148-162
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1EERoberto Maria Avanzi, Preda Mihailescu: Generic Efficient Arithmetic Algorithms for PAFFs (Processor Adequate Finite Fields) and Related Algebraic Structures (Extended Abstract). Selected Areas in Cryptography 2003: 320-334

Coauthor Index

1Mathieu Ciet [5]
2Vassil S. Dimitrov [14]
3Christophe Doche [14]
4Gerhard Frey [3]
5Johann Großschädl [9]
6Clemens Heuberger [8] [10] [12]
7Tanja Lange [3]
8Preda Mihailescu [1]
9Roger Oyono [3]
10Helmut Prodinger [8] [10] [12]
11Erkay Savas [9]
12Francesco Sica [5] [11] [14]
13Nicolas Thériault [15]
14Stefan Tillich [9]

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