Gianluca Argentini

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17EEGianluca Argentini: Optimal profiles in variable speed flows CoRR abs/0902.0673: (2009)
16EEGianluca Argentini: Fast computing of velocity field for flows in industrial burners and pumps CoRR abs/0707.1490: (2007)
15EEGianluca Argentini: On local symbolic approximation and resolution of ODEs using Implicit Function Theorem CoRR abs/cs/0602025: (2006)
14EEGianluca Argentini: Adaptive grids as parametrized scale-free networks CoRR abs/cs/0502045: (2005)
13EEGianluca Argentini: Numerical resolution of some BVP using Bernstein polynomials CoRR abs/cs/0510051: (2005)
12EEGianluca Argentini: An estimate of accuracy for interpolant numerical solutions of a PDE problem CoRR abs/cs/0412120: (2004)
11EEGianluca Argentini: Cluster computing performances using virtual processors and mathematical software CoRR cs.DC/0401006: (2004)
10EEGianluca Argentini: Using matrices in post-processing phase of CFD simulations CoRR cs.NA/0404047: (2004)
9EEGianluca Argentini: Using sparse matrices and splines-based interpolation in computational fluid dynamics simulations CoRR cs.NA/0409056: (2004)
8EEGianluca Argentini: Computational Aspects of a Numerical Model for Combustion Flow CoRR cs.NA/0411004: (2004)
7EEGianluca Argentini: Message Passing Fluids: Molecules as Processes in Parallel Computational Fluids. PVM/MPI 2003: 550-554
6EEGianluca Argentini: A first approach for a possible cellular automaton model of fluids dynamics CoRR cs.CC/0303003: (2003)
5EEGianluca Argentini: Poster on MPI application in Computational Fluid Dynamics CoRR cs.DC/0310008: (2003)
4EEGianluca Argentini: Using virtual processors for SPMD parallel programs CoRR cs.DC/0312049: (2003)
3EEGianluca Argentini: Message Passing Fluids: molecules as processes in parallel computational fluids CoRR physics/0304041: (2003)
2EEGianluca Argentini: A generalization of Amdahl's law and relative conditions of parallelism CoRR cs.DC/0209029: (2002)
1EEGianluca Argentini: Use of openMosix for parallel I/O balancing on storage in Linux cluster CoRR cs.DC/0212006: (2002)

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