Qualified Answers That Reflect User Needs and Preferences.

Terry Gaasterland, Jorge Lobo: Qualified Answers That Reflect User Needs and Preferences. VLDB 1994: 309-320
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This paper introduces a formalism to describe the needs and preferences of database users. Because of the precise formulation of these concepts, we have found an automatic and very simple mechanism to incorporate user needs and preferences into the query answering process. In the formalism, the user provides a lattice of domain independent values that define preferences and needs and a set of domain specific user constraints qualified with lattice values. The constraints are automatically incorporated into a relational or deductive database through a series of syntactic transformations that produces an annotated deductive database. Query answering procedures for deductive databases are then used, with minor modifications, to obtain annotated answers to queries. Because preference declaration is separated from data representation and management, preferences can be easily altered without touching the database. Also, the query language allows users to ask for answers at different preference levels. An extended example shows how these methods are used to handle large quantities of DNA sequence data.

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Jorge B. Bocca, Matthias Jarke, Carlo Zaniolo (Eds.): VLDB'94, Proceedings of 20th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, September 12-15, 1994, Santiago de Chile, Chile. Morgan Kaufmann 1994, ISBN 1-55860-153-8
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