The Power of Methods With Parallel Semantics.

Karl Denninghoff, Victor Vianu: The Power of Methods With Parallel Semantics. VLDB 1991: 221-232
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A model capturing the data manipulation capabilities of a large class of methods in object-oriented databases is proposed and investigated. The model uses a deterministic, parallel synchronous semantics with concurrent -read and concurrent-write. The results focus on the expressive power of methods and help understand various constructs and semantics associated with methods. Restrictions of methods providing various tractability guarantees are also discussed. The restrictions correspond closely to well-known relational query languages such as relational calculus, Datalog, the fixpoint queries, and the while queries. They provide complexity bounds such as constant parallel time, PTIME, and PSPACE. Exact characterizations for some complexity classes are also obtained under certain assumptions. Our methods provide a model of database parallel computation which makes explicit the potential parallelism in databases. We compare our model to traditional parallel computation models such as PRAMs and Hardware Modification Machines and show mutual simulation results with reasonable cost. We also compare methods to a newer model of generic computation involving parallelism. We show that certain complexity classes defined using the two models are the same, which suggests that methods capture database parallel computation in a natural and robust fashion.

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Guy M. Lohman, Amílcar Sernadas, Rafael Camps (Eds.): 17th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, September 3-6, 1991, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, Proceedings. Morgan Kaufmann 1991, ISBN 1-55860-150-3


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