Efendi: Federated Database System of Cadlab.

Elke Radeke, Ralf Böttger, Bernd Burkert, Yaron Engel, Gerd Kachel, Silvia Kolmschlag, Dietmar Nolte: Efendi: Federated Database System of Cadlab. SIGMOD Conference 1995: 481
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Many enterprises suffer from the problems caused by heterogeneous data (base) systems. Redundancies across the mostly isolated databases often lead to data inconsistencies. Moreover, applications that need data of other/multiple databases have to use the different database interfaces which complicates code and raises maintainance costs.

In response to these problems, Efendi provides database federation services which couple multiple heterogeneous database and file systems to a federated database system (FDBS) [5]. We base on the ODMG standard [2] for the FDBS interfaces and also allow to migrate data among the different DBS while preserving global object identity.

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