OODB Indexing by Class-Division.

Sridhar Ramaswamy, Paris C. Kanellakis: OODB Indexing by Class-Division. SIGMOD Conference 1995: 139-150
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Indexing a class hierarchy, in order to efficiently search or update the objects of a class according to a (range of) value(s) of an attribute, impacts OODB performance heavily. For this indexing problem, most systems use the class hierarchy index (CH) technique of of Kim etal implemented using B+ trees. Other techniques, can lead to improved average-case performance but involve the implementation of new data-structures, which are not as well-understood parts of database technology as B+ trees. As a special form of external dynamic two-dimensional range searching, this OODB indexing problem is solvable within reasonable worst-case bounds. Based on this insight, we have developed a technique, called indexing by class-division (CD), which we believe can be used as a practical alternative to CH. We present an optimized implementation and experimental validation of CD's average-case performance. The main advantages of the CD technique are: (1) CD is an extension of CH that provides a significant speed-up over CH for a wide spectrum of range queries -- this speed-up is at least linear in the number of classes queried for uniformly distributed data and larger otherwise; and (2) CD queries, updates and concurrent use are implementable using standard B+ tree technology. The basic idea of class-division involves a time-space tradeoff and CD requires some space and update overhead in comparison to CH. In practice, this overhead is a small factor (2 to 3) and, in worst-case, is bounded by the depth of the hierarchy and the logarithm of its size.

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