Implementing Large Production Systems in a DBMS Environment: Concepts and Algorithms.

Timos K. Sellis, Chih-Chen Lin, Louiqa Raschid: Implementing Large Production Systems in a DBMS Environment: Concepts and Algorithms. SIGMOD Conference 1988: 404-412
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It has been widely recognized that many future database applications, including engineering processes, manufacturing and communications, will require some kind of rule based reasoning. In this paper we study methods for storing and manipulating large rule bases using relational database management systems. First, we provide a matching algorithm which can be used to efficiently identify applicable rules. The second contribution of this paper, is our proposal for concurrent execution strategies which surpass, in terms of performance, the sequential OPS5 execution algorithm. The proposed method is fully parallelizable, which makes its use even more attractive, as it can be used in parallel computing environments.

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