Data Abstractions, Views and Updates in RIGEL.

Lawrence A. Rowe, Kurt A. Shoens: Data Abstractions, Views and Updates in RIGEL. SIGMOD Conference 1979: 71-81
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Language constructs to support the development of data base applications provided in the programming language RIGEL are described. First, the language type system includes relations, views, and tuples as built-in types. Tuple-values are introduced to provide more flexibility in writing procedures that update relations and views.

Second, an expression that produces sequences of values, called a generator, is defined which integrates relational query expressions with other iteration constructs found in general-purpose programming languages. As a result, relational expressions can be used in new contexts (e.g., as parameters to pro cedures) to provide new capabilities (e.g., programmer- defined aggregate functions).

Lastly, a data abstraction facility, unlike those proposed for other data base programming languages, is described. It provides a better notation to specify the interface between a program and a data base and to support the disciplined use of views.

All of these constructs are integrated into a sophisticated programming environment to enhance the development of well-structured programs.

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