On-Line Warehouse View Maintenance.

Dallan Quass, Jennifer Widom: On-Line Warehouse View Maintenance. SIGMOD Conference 1997: 393-404
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Data warehouses store materialized views over base data from external sources. Clients typically perform complex read-only queries on the views. The views are refreshed periodically by maintenance transactions, which propagate large batch updates from the base tables. In current warehousing systems, maintenance transactions usually are isolated from client read activity, limiting availability and/or size of the warehouse. We describe an algorithm called 2VNL that allows warehouse maintenance transactions to run concurrently with readers. By logically maintaining two versions of the database, no locking is required and serializability is guaranteed. We present our algorithm, explain its relationship to other multi-version concurrency control algorithms, and describe how it can be implemented on top of a conventional relational DBMS using a query rewrite approach.

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