Implementation of a Compiler for a Semantic Data Model: Experiences with Taxis.

Brian A. Nixon, Lawrence Chung, David Lauzon, Alexander Borgida, John Mylopoulos, Martin Stanley: Implementation of a Compiler for a Semantic Data Model: Experiences with Taxis. SIGMOD Conference 1987: 118-131
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The features of a compiler for the Taxis design language are described and discussed. Taxis offers an entity-based framework for designing interactive information systems and supports generalisation, classification and aggregation as abstraction mechanisms. Its features include multiple inheritance of attributes, isA hierarchies of transactions, metaclasses, typed attributes, a procedural exception-handling mechanism and an iteration construct based on the abstraction mechanisms supported Developing a compiler for the language involved dealing with the problems of efficiently representing and accessing a large collection of entities, performing (static) type checking and representing isA hierarchies of transactions.

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