Language Features for Interoperability of Databases with Schematic Discrepancies.

Ravi Krishnamurthy, Witold Litwin, William Kent: Language Features for Interoperability of Databases with Schematic Discrepancies. SIGMOD Conference 1991: 40-49
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Present relational language capabilities are insufficient to provide interoperability of databases even if they are all relational. In particular, unified multidatabase view definitions cannot reconcile schematic discrepancies, where data in one database correspond to metadata of another. We claim that following new features are necessary:
  1. Higher order expressions where variables can range over data and metadata, including database names.
  2. Higher order (multidatabase) view definitions, where the number of relations or of attributes defined, is dependent on the state of the database(s).
  3. Complete view updatability for the users of multidatabase views.
We propose these features in the context of a Horn clause based language, called Interoperable Database Language, (IDL).

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