An Experimental Comparison of Locking Policies in a Testbed Database System.

Walter H. Kohler, Kenneth C. Wilner, John A. Stankovic: An Experimental Comparison of Locking Policies in a Testbed Database System. SIGMOD Conference 1983: 108-119
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Multiuser transaction processing and database systems oommonly use well-formed, two-phase looking to maintain data consistency. Tbe preliminary results presented here represent the first step of an experimental investigation of the impact of different locking schemes on transaction performance. Tests were perfomed using a simplified but functionally oomplete "testbed" system. The transaction throughout rates for three different looking policies (file level locking, page level locking, and mixed level locking) are compared as a function of the look mode (exclusive or share) and the file size for a small oentralized database application. The experimental results for this environment show that tbe choice of locking polioy and look mode can have a significant impact on transaction throughput performance. The tests also demonstrate the sensitivity of the conclusions to tbe choice of workload and system characteristics.

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