A Model of Data Distribution Based on Texture Analysis.

Nabil Kamel, Roger King: A Model of Data Distribution Based on Texture Analysis. SIGMOD Conference 1985: 319-325
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To eastimate the number of tuples satisfying a certain query, a data distribution model is proposed. The model is based on a discrete approximation of the data space and belongs to the class of nonparametric models. Using texture analysis techniques applied to the multi dimensional data space, it is proposed thata segmentation of this space be obtained as a means of obtaining a discrete approximation. Thus the space is divided into a number of homogeneous regions which can be later queried to obtain good estimates of the size of the response set. To obtain this segmentation, a new function to assess the homogeneity of a bit pattern is proposed. Test results performed for this function are presented to show the inverse correlation between its value and the resulting estimation errors.

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