Using Multiversion Data for Non-interfering Execution of Write-only Transactions.

Divyakant Agrawal, V. Krishnamurthy: Using Multiversion Data for Non-interfering Execution of Write-only Transactions. SIGMOD Conference 1991: 98-107
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A modular version control mechanism is developed for executing write-only transactions with minimal interference to read-write transactions using multiversion data. The execution of write-only transactions is completely independent of the underlying concurrency control protocol. The version control mechanism provides the versatility of using any conflict-based concurrency control protocol for read-write transaction synchronization. An integrated version control mechanism is presented in which both read-only and write-only transactions are handled symmetrically, and are independent of the concurrency control mechanism. In addition, there is negligible version control related overhead for executing read-only and write-only transactions. Our approach of non-interfering execution of write-only transactions is particularly useful in database systems consisting of abstract data objects where blind-write operations are dominant.

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