The STRIP Rule System For Efficiently Maintaining Derived Data.

Brad Adelberg, Hector Garcia-Molina, Jennifer Widom: The STRIP Rule System For Efficiently Maintaining Derived Data. SIGMOD Conference 1997: 147-158
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Derived data is maintained in a database system to correlate and summarize base data which records real world facts. As base data changes, derived data needs to be recomputed. This is often implemented by writing active rules that are triggered by changes to base data. In a system with rapidly changing base data, a database with a standard rule system may consume most of its resources running rules to recompute data. This paper presents the rule system implemented as part of the STanford Real-time Information Processor (STRIP). The STRIP rule system is an extension of SQL3-type rules that allows groups of rule actions to be batched together to reduce the total recomputation load on the system. In this paper we describe the syntax and semantics of the STRIP rule system, present an example set of rules to maintain stock index and theoretical option prices in a program trading application, and report the results of experiments performed on the running system. The experiments verify that STRIP's rules allow much more efficient derived data maintenance than conventional rules without batching.

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