Temporal Deductive Databases and Infinite Objects.

Jan Chomicki, Tomasz Imielinski: Temporal Deductive Databases and Infinite Objects. PODS 1988: 61-73
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We discuss deductive databases with one fixed occurrence of a monadic function symbol(successor) per predicate. Databases of this kind can be used in a natural way to model simple patterns of events repeated in time, and this is why we term them temporal. Temporal deductive databases are also interesting from a theoretical point of view, because they give rise to infinite least fixpoints and infinite query answers. We study complexity properties of finite query answers and define the notion of infinite objects which makes some infinite least fixpoints computable in finite time.

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Proceedings of the Seventh ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD-SIGART Symposium on Principles of Database Systems, March 21-23, 1988, Austin, Texas. ACM 1988, ISBN 0-89791-263-2
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