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DBLP FAQ: Why are many IEEE publications not listed in DBLP?

IEEE operates two huge digital libraries (DLs):

There is some overlap between both DLs, but many publications are only available from one of them. Journals or proceedings published by other IEEE societies than the Computer Society are only available from Xplore.

The old Computer Society DL was able to export BibTeX records for journal issues and proceedings volumes. These BibTeX contained DOIs which are a good starting point to produce DBLP entries.

The new Computer Society DL was no export funtion on the volume level - I have stopped to enter any Computer Society publication into DBLP.

Xplore has no export funtion, but it is simple to extract the bibliographic information (titles, authors, page numbers, DOIs) from the HTML pages with a script. For the majority of papers, Xplore lists only the initials of the authors' names, it does not list the full given names. Given names help to differentiate between different persons. DBLP now lists publications authored by more than 600000 individuals. We try to attribute each publication to the correct 'author page'. Without full given names this is a time-consuming and error-prone manual process. We try to find the missing information:

Unfortunately, we are NOT able to solve this 'puzzle' for all relevant IEEE publications. We simply haven't so enough time ...

You may help us:

(October 2008)

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