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Publicly Available Database Software from Commercial Organizations

The packages listed below were announced to be free of charge at least for academic or personal use. Licence terms are matter of the supplier of the package. The date behind the package name (if present) indicates the issue date of the last release of the package. When available, contact email address and a link to the license terms are provided.

See here for the home page of this service and for instructions on how to report new packages or change requests to existing entries.

Backplane Open Source Database (9-Apr-2003)
Backplane offers an open source, replicated database for Linux and FreeBSD. Free and commercial licenses are available. With Backplane, it is possible to spread the database nodes widely, allowing database operations to work efficiently over WAN latencies while maintaining full transactional coherency across the entire replication group.
Supplier: Backplane, Inc.
Contact: Info desk,
License terms: see here
Berkeley DB
Open source DBMS for embedded systems, originally developed at Berkeley; download and use free but not re-distribution.
Supplier: Sleepycat Software
License terms: see here
CodeCogs (March 2005)
An open source scientific library / database in C++ containing numerical software components, from which efficient scientific, engineering and financial applications can be built.
Supplier: CodeCogs, Zyba Ltd
Contact: Nick Owens,
License terms: see here
Erlang/OTP (May 11, 2005)
Erlang is a programming language for building fault-tolerant distributed applications. It includes field-proven middleware components such as the Mnesia DBMS. Mnesia, itself written in Erlang, is a multiuser, distributed DBMS with full ACID properties. It runs safely in the same memory space as the application, and with no semantic gap.
Supplier: Ericsson AB
Contact: Kenneth Lundin, Ericsson AB,
License terms: see here
Froglingo (January 2005)
A unified language for both database and programming based on the lambda-calculus and the function space theory. A database application with 1000 lines of code in Java/SQL could be constructed with 100 lines of code in Froglingo.
Supplier: Bigravity,
Contact: Kevin Xu,
License terms: see here
Knowledge Base Software System (January 10, 2009)
Web-based collaboration and business knowledge base software tool to share knowledge with customers, employees and partners. Includes natural-language search, workflow and LDAP systems.
Supplier: Inc.
Contact: Gregory Koldirkaev,
License terms: see here
Mckoi SQL Database
Mckoi SQL Database is a complete SQL management system written entirely in Java. It can operate as a multi-threaded multi-user database server or embedded in a Java application. Released under the GPL open source license.
Supplier: Diehl & Associates, Inc.
Metakit (March 2003)
Open source C++ class library for persistent structured data.
Supplier: Equi4 Software
License terms: see here
Mnemona (6-Feb-2005)
Mnemona is a very simple and quite general scheme for managing object-based information. It is designed to overcome limitations of the relational model and to strike a balance between unstructured object databases and the overly restrictive structure of the RDBMS. It is written entirely in Java.
Supplier: Northbranchlogic
Contact: Barnet Wagman,
License terms: free for non-commercial users
Popular Open Source SQL database system.
Supplier: MySQL
License terms: see here
ObjectDB for Java (15-Apr-2003)
ObjectDB is a powerful yet compact Object Database Management System (ODBMS), written entirely in Java, and compliant with the new Java Data Objects (JDO) standard developed by Sun (JSR12). ObjectDB is designed to handle efficiently databases of various sizes, ranged from a few KBs to hundreds of GBs.
Supplier: ObjectDB Software
License terms: see here
An SQL DBMS distributed under Mozilla/GPL licence. Includes SQL engine, ODBC interface, front end, samples and documentation and complete source code.
Supplier: Ocelot Computer Services Inc.
Orient ODBMS
A light object server that is ODMG 3.0 compliant. Beta version is free for non-commercial use (see license terms).
Supplier: Orient Technologies
License terms: see here
Open-source SQL database system originally derived from a commercial product.
Supplier: Picosoft
License terms: see here
SAP DB (6-Mar-2003)
SQL-based DBMS from SAP with object-oriented extensions distributed under GNU General Public Licence (kernel) and GNU Lesser General Public License (client, programming interface).
Supplier: SAP
License terms: GPL/LGPL
Free, open-source, embeddable SQL database engine in a C library.
Supplier: Hwaci - Applied Software Research
Contact: D. Richard Hipp,
License terms: public domain
Suneido (25-Jan-2003)
Suneido is an integrated application platform that includes a client-server relational database. The database uses a straightforward relational algebra query language rather than SQL. It uses multi-version, optimistic, timestamp-based concurrency, providing full transaction isolation.
Supplier: Suneido Software Corp.
Contact: Andrew McKinlay,
License terms: GPL
Relational database server aiming at full ISO SQL compatibility. Beta version is free for download.
Supplier: ThinkSQL Ltd.
WinSQL Lite
A user interface for SQL-based DBMSs that connects via ODBC to any kind of target database server. Lite version is free of charge. This tool is meant for database administrators.
Supplier: IndusSoft Technologies
Object-oriented database for Windows and PocketPC. ActiveX DLL interface compatible with VB, C, Delphi, ASP.
Supplier: Custom Microsystems, Inc.
License terms: see here

This list is currently maintained by Manfred Jeusfeld, last update: 25-Feb-2009

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